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Rainbow party part 3… the rest of it…

Hopefully this will be the last post for this birthday party. 🙂

The girls and i had a lot of fun making decorations for the party.  I had the girls color bunch of rainbows, then we added cotton balls for the clouds and we attached them to the party streamers and hang them off the ceiling.

I also made a big rainbow out of tissue paper.  This was a lot of fun and so easy to make.  The rainbow is going in her room by her bed. So she’s getting a rainbow in her room after all, just no purple walls!!! 🙂

We used brown paper bags for our goodie bags and decorated them.  I cut some grass using my cricut and the girls attached it to the bags. I found some puff (if your rub them they smelled like bubble gum) stickers at WalMart, so we attached them on our goodie bags.  Added a hand colored rainbow by the girls and our bags were ready to fill.

We filled the bags, with candy, rings, drinking straws, little cars for boys and I made some rainbow head bands for the girls and other fun little things. I also made a rainbow pin for Sara to wear during her party.

I found this awesome idea for a drink… I used Starbucks glass bottles as our drinking jars…  Made some strawberry shake, put a cupcake liner one top, I did put a rubber bands around the liner so it does not come off it helped big time.  Put a straw through and the kids LOVED their drinks.

One of my awesome friends made Sara a rainbow birthday cake.  It was beautiful and Sara absolutely LOVED it!!! She was worried that she wasn’t going to have a rainbow cake. She was so supper excited when my friend came with the cake.

We also had face painting. That was a lot of fun.

It was a fun party and it was fun getting ready for it!!! 🙂


Thanks for stopping by our blog!!!!

Nadya 🙂




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A chance to get a FREE headband!!!

Hey guys!!!

We have 39 likes on our Facebook page right now. Woohooo!!!!!!!!  I’d like to get to that 50 so I changed things a little bit.   Let your friends know about us and send them our way.  The person with the most referrals will get a pink or blue headband (just let me know what color you’d like better).  I know that not all of you have girls but we all have friends with girls or nieces that we can give a pretty headband too plus you could always just wear it your self.  Just have your friends “LIKE” our Facebook page Fitz-Henry Designs and post a comment with who (your name) sent them there!!! 🙂

We’ll have this up until we get to that 50, then I will add up all the names and announce our winner.  I will then send our winner a message to get his or her snail address!!! 🙂

That’s it… that easy!!! 🙂

Here are some examples of our headbands!!!!  Don’t forget you can click on the photo to make it larger.

See ya on our facebook page!!!

Nadya 🙂

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Rainbow birthday party part 2 invitations……

I had a lot of fun making these invitations.  Sara is one of those children that has very unusual birthday themes and it’s always a lot of fun coming up with invitations for her party.  These invitations actually have a back story to them, well the theme behind it has a back story.

So here it goes, we moved in to our new home back in March and before we moved we did a lot of work in the house a lot of painting, new carpets and so on and on.  We were so blessed to have my parents make it out here to help us out with our move, I don’t know how we would have done it with out them being here.  So anyways, my dad and I went to Home Depot to pick out paint for the girls room, the older kids were at school so we took Sara with us.  She had a lot of fun standing near the paint color swatches and picking out HER favorite color for the room.  She picked out  her color, dad and I got our paint and we went to the car.

As we were getting out the door Sara was hugging her paint swatch and said ” I can’t wait to have my room purple, with rainbows, ponies, flowers, sparkles and broccoli!”  my reply to her was “Awwww… that’s nice and sounds like a fun room but you do know that we are not painting your room purple, right?” Oh she was not happy, there were so many tears coming out those little eyes. You see she has to share her room with her sisters so we went with the color that her oldest sister likes.  Sara was crying and crying and going on and on about how she wants her room purple and all those other things on the walls. It was too cute and funny.

I need to get the picture that my dad took while Sara was crying to share it with you guys.

So this is where the idea for her birthday party invitations came from.  I also did some search for ideas and my inspiration came from this handmade invitation.

I used “Once Upon a Princess” cricut cartridge for the rainbow and the horse and “Plantin SchoolBook” cartridge for the grass at the bottom.  I stamped some flowers and added glossy accent glue on top for some dimension.  The stars and the horse had some sparkles on them.  The broccoli was done done by hand.  For the background I stamped some clouds to make the sky.

It was fun putting them together and I had one happy birthday girl!!!! 🙂

Here are the invitations for you to see. Don’t forget that you can click on them in enlarge the photo.


Thanks so much for stopping by our blog today!!! 🙂


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Sara’s rainbow birthday party!!!!

Our youngest daughter turned 4, June 18th and she LOVES rainbows!!!!  So we had a rainbow birthday party!!!!

I started collecting all kinds of ideas for her party from goodie bags, cake, decorations, games and so on and on.  I tell ya if you are planing a party and in need of ideas go to Pinterest and search, you  will find all kinds of awesome ideas for your party.  I created a “Sara’s rainbow birthday party” board and started pinning things.

When my collection of ideas started to get full I started to plan out what I really was going to use for her party. I sure didn’t use every single thing I found but I sure wanted too.  I was on a time crunch by then.

But first here is our rainbow girl!!! 🙂 One of my awesome friends made her this cute rainbow tutu. Sara just LOVES that thing!!!!!  She went to bed with it the first night….


I’ll be back to share our party decorations, invitations and other FUN things…. 🙂


Thanks for stopping by!!! 🙂

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Get 5 cards handmade by me….

By being our 50th person to like us on our Facebook page!!!

Nadya 🙂

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May Cards……

Hello everyone!!!

How are you all been? We are starting some what to adjust to being just the 6 of us. My sister and her kids left Sunday night so it’s been only two days with out them.  Kind of really quite and some what boring… ha ha 🙂  Our girls had all kinds of questions Monday morning starting with who’s going to sleep in Jasmines spot now to who’s doing the garbage cans….. 🙂  It’s going to be long until we all get used to the idea of them not being here.  I’ve caught my self thinking that the kids will come down in a sec and we can all eat or do what ever I was doing at the moment. But then I come back to reality.  Like this morning I got up and my sister wasn’t in the kitchen making breakfast. What’s up with that? LOL 🙂   She was with us for two months and most mornings when I got up she already at list had coffee going, I had to do that by my self… Can you believe it?

We are all missing them.  I know, I know it’s been only two days.

But life still goes on. With that said we are getting back in too our schedule some how, not sure what that schedule is at the moment but we are working on it. Our oldest daughter is going to Church Camp tomorrow for 3 days so that’ll be fun for her. So it’ll get better.. 🙂

With that said… I have also added 8 new cards to our etsy shop. 🙂

Also you can visit us on Facebook…..

Loved making these cards.  You can click on the picture to make it larger.


Thanks so much for stopping by!!!

Nadya 🙂

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