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Decorative pens….

A friend asked me if I could decorate these pens for her Sunday school girls.

I used some scrapbook printed paper and added some glitter on the out side of the pens.   It’s really fast and easy to make these and they turn out really cute.   All you need is pens, paper cut too 1 1/4  x 3 ….  Wrap the paper around the ink cartridge (I think that’s what it’s called) then you just drop it in side of the pen.  If you want to add sparkels like I did all you need is a double sided tape and find sparkles/glitter.  You swirl the tape around the pen and add glitter then shake off the extras and your done….

Really cute and simple.


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New cards!!!!

I added new cards to our etsy shop!!!!

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Nadya 🙂

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Princess Memory Game!!!!

I love making handmade gifts! I think it is so cool to receive a handmade gift. Knowing that some one made that just for you, spend their time thinking making it. I just think it’s awesome!!

We got to go to a little girls 3rd birthday party and I made this cute sparkly princess memory game to give it to her as a gift.

I had a sturdy box with handles that I used to put the game pieces in too.  I altered it with some scrapbook printed paper and made roses out of party streamers and added the name on the front.   The dividers were my husband idea…. Thanks sweetie!! 🙂

There’s 40 cards, 20 images, 2 of each.   I used “Once Upon A Princess” cricut cartridge for all of the images and “Accent Essentials” cartridge for the cards them selves.  I used stickles to add some sparkles. This is a princess game after all and all princess need sparkles.

I can’t wait to make one for Daniel. I’m thinking doing “cars”, I think that would be FUN!!! 🙂

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Nadya 🙂

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First day of School!!!!

WOW! This summer has just gone by way too fast!  We had a lot of fun this summer, it’s sad to see it go but exciting to see new chapters begine.  Our oldest daughter is in 4th grade now and our second oldest daughter started 1st grade today.  They are both off to school, daddy is off to work and it’s just me, two younger kids and two more kids that I’m watching today… 🙂

I was more nerves then the girls were though.  I actually teared up last night as I thought about them starting school.  I’m so glad I wasn’t the one to take them to school or I would have cried for sure.  🙂

God bless you my sweet girls!!!!!  May you have an awesome school year with lots of fun, learning and more fun!!! 🙂


Mommy…. 🙂

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Play time….

I love watching our kids play with each other.  It’s always nice to see them play nicely and having fun.   Daniel as the baby of the house and he thinks he can do anything.  The other day I saw Sara giving him horsey rides on her back.   It was the cutest and the most funnies thing to watch as Sara is so tiny her self.   They were laughing so hard and having so much fun.

Grandpa and Grandma this pictures are for you!!! 🙂



Aren’t they adorable!!! 🙂

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200 teeny tiny roses….

I’ve been working on 125 (originally we needed 200) wedding reception favors.  One of my faults is that I am never happy with just a simple and easy 2 step project.  I always need to add more details weather it is chalking, sparkles, buttons or making 200 teeny tiny roses… 🙂  And I’m not even done making them yet.  Need 175 more of these roses….. 🙂  what fun!!! 🙂  The good thing is that I can do them while watching a movie with the kids.

These roses are so fun and easy to make and I love adding them to many of my projects.  I use regular party streamers from WalMart or any other place where I can get them for cheap.

This is what 200 of these roses looks like!!!!  They are no bigger then a penny.  Click on the photo to enlarge it.

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Practical Scrappers is turning 2!!!!

What a big accomplishment!!! Practical Scrappers blog is turning 2 years old. I actually remember when it was just started.  It is so fun to see it bloom in too what it is now.  So many ideas, inspiration, weekly challenges, sketches for layouts and cards.  Lots of prices to win, blogs to follow and so much more.

I was one of the first designers at PS and it was so much fun to be part of that group and blog.  The ladies there are so supper sweet, kind and creative!  Couple of weeks ago PS ladies asked us old designers to help them celebrate their 2nd anniversary and how could I have missed that. No way!!!!

The challenge was to do something with two.  A layout with 2 photos, 2 page layout or a card with 2 of something… So I decited to do a 2 page layout…

It’s a simple layout. But I like it.  I haven’t scrapbooked for my family in a very long time so it was nice to sit down and look through the photos and do a layout that will got in too our family album.

Please visit Practical Scrappers for more awesome layouts in celebration of their 2nd anniversary!!! Happy Birthday Practical Scrappers!! Looking forward to many more years!!! 🙂


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