200 teeny tiny roses….

I’ve been working on 125 (originally we needed 200) wedding reception favors.  One of my faults is that I am never happy with just a simple and easy 2 step project.  I always need to add more details weather it is chalking, sparkles, buttons or making 200 teeny tiny roses… 🙂  And I’m not even done making them yet.  Need 175 more of these roses….. 🙂  what fun!!! 🙂  The good thing is that I can do them while watching a movie with the kids.

These roses are so fun and easy to make and I love adding them to many of my projects.  I use regular party streamers from WalMart or any other place where I can get them for cheap.

This is what 200 of these roses looks like!!!!  They are no bigger then a penny.  Click on the photo to enlarge it.

Thanks for stopping by today!!! 🙂

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  1. Anna says:

    those are a pain you know where! to make, for me! 🙂 but they do turn out beautiful when you make them and put them on you projects! Good job! Is there are wedding at church? What are you making these for? They look so cute in that basket!

    • Nadya Fitz-Henry says:

      ha ha 🙂 Anna… but they turned out good too when you did them. Bigger flower are easier to do. Our pastors son got married in July in Cali and they are doing a reception for our Church here. He and his wife are going to be teaching at our School. So the favors are for the reception. I’ll post a photo of the favors when they are all done… 🙂

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