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“Jayde Nycole” name banner…

This style banner has been the most popular and that is so exciting!

For this order the customer had asked to do aqua colors.  I was so excited to play with new colors.  I really love seeing how each and every banner that I make turns out.  But what really makes me happy is to hear how much my customers LOVE their banner when they get them or even when they see pictures of them.

I’m so excited to see my shop take off!!! Thank you Lord for giving me a talent that I can use for your glory!!! 🙂

Enjoy the photos!!! Let me know what you all think… 🙂


Nadya 🙂

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Baby wreath!!!!

This wreath is perfect for the hospital door. It’s small and FUN!!!!

I know that when it’s time for that baby to make he’s/her appearance in too this world the thought of “Don’t forget the wreath!!!” would the last thing on the moms mined!!! 🙂   This wreath is about 12 inches, give or take here or there… It’ll fit in the diaper bag or the bag that the soon to be mom has all ready to take to the hospital when the time comes.

This one was made for a friend who is expecting her first daughter! I can’t wait to meet little Kaia. Her hospital door is going to be one of a kind!!! 🙂 hee hee

I used lots of soft pink, light green and brown colors to match the bedding.  With lots of sparkles and love this wreath is perfect!!! 🙂

So what do you think? Isn’t it pretty?? 🙂


Thanks for stopping by!!!

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